Who we areMoulding

Forty years of experience has put Ultra-Flex Moulding at the forefront of the flexible moulding industry. Company founder, Boyd F. Adams, built our reputation as a leader on three basic principles:

• Unequaled Service

• State of the Art Products

• Honest and Competitive Pricing

Using these principles, we have been able to take the custom out of curves. With Ultra-Flex Moulding products, you get the look and feel of custom milled woodwork in all your curved moulding applications with ease and at a fraction of the cost of using wood.

We produce our moulding to order using an advanced syntactic polyurethane compound and manufacturing techniques to create a moulding we call Ultimate Flex®. Ultimate Flex delivers a product with all the features of wood but with a degree of flexibility to accommodate the most demanding needs of the installer.

The formulation of this product took over two years of research and development. After moving into a larger facility to accommodate the additional equipment required to compound the material, Ultra-Flex developed not only the best flexible moulding on the market, but also a non-polluting manufacturing process.

This is undoubtedly the "Ultimate Flexible Moulding." It nails, cuts, sands and machines like wood, with no predrilling required. We have trademarked it as ULTIMATE FLEX®.