Questions & Answers

Q - Do I need to order the part pre-formed to match a curve or can I order it straight and form it on the job?

A - The best answer to this question is to think of the piece of moulding as a heavy leather belt, a belt that would wrap around something easily. If you were to lay the belt flat on the wall and attempt to pull the ends down to form an arch it would buckle and wrinkle. The same is true with flexible moulding. If you’re using it for base or chair rail applications it can be purchased in its straight form. For curved radius windows, crown and dormers it will need to be pre-formed by Ultra-Flex Moulding.

Q - Is ULTIMATE FLEX® temperature sensitive?

A - ULTIMATE FLEX is a urethane based resin with unique properties that allow it to be used in freezing temperatures without pre-drilling and has excellent performance in hot desert climates. ULTIMATE FLEX will work and install easily when warmed up to 60 degrees on the job.

Q - Can ULTIMATE FLEX be glued, nailed or cut like wood moulding?

A - ULTIMATE FLEX has properties unique from other flexible mouldings. The lighter weight material is easily cut by using regular woodworking tools such as a saw, hammer and finish nails or nail guns (no pre-drilling required), construction adhesive and wood putty for filling nail holes. Using a quality construction adhesive before nailing is required, but no special glue is required.

Q - Should I paint or stain it before installation?

A - You should paint or stain it after installation or the finishing material may crack when moulding is flexed. ULTIMATE FLEX is pre-primed so it’s easy to finish once installation is complete.

Q - Can I machine it?

A - ULTIMATE FLEX has a machinable S4S when you want to run your own custom mouldings that don’t have to be pre-formed. It works great for short runs and is not as abrasive as other flexible mouldings. You should plan on using small incremental cuts when machining for best results.

Q - Can I use ULTIMATE FLEX outside?

A - ULTIMATE FLEX being a polyurethane based material, has excellent properties for exterior use. Brick Mould, curved S4S and other applications work well in hot or cold environments. It is very durable but lightweight (similar to wood) for ease of installation.

Q - Is ULTIMATE FLEX cost-effective?

A - ULTIMATE FLEX is used in conjunction with straight mouldings. You use ULTIMATE FLEX for the curved part of the application and purchase the profile that matches your straight moulding. ULTIMATE FLEX is much less expensive than using curved custom wood millwork. Also, the fit and installation will be made easier.

Q - Why should I use ULTIMATE FLEX for my curved millwork applications?

A - ULTIMATE FLEX is the lightweight, easy-to-use moulding that nails, cuts and acts like wood without splitting or cracking. It is the most advanced flexible product on the market and is used by professional craftsmen nationally for their curved millwork applications. It is problem-free (over five years track record) and is pre-primed for better paint and stain adhesion and is sanded on the back for better fit when installing.

Q - Why does ULTRA FLEX only offer ULTIMATE FLEX when other companies offer two types of flexible mouldings?

A - ULTIMATE FLEX is an advanced polyurethane based product. We see no reason to also offer a polyester based product that doesn't measure up to the professional builder's and architect's requirements. Lightweight ULTIMATE FLEX works exceptionally well in all climates and locations without having to be pre-drilled or being concerned about splitting or cracking. Also drawing on our in-house technology, developed over the years, we have formulated a pollution-free system that enables a more efficient production environment.

Q - I have a custom moulding. Can you do custom jobs?

A - Even with over 5000 patterns custom jobs are a major part of our business. Just send us a sample of your part or a profile drawing with dimensions so we can quote you custom pricing for your requirements.