Selecting a Half Circle Arch

To figure the arch size start by measuring the diameter (width) of the opening as shown, for arch size. The true half circle radius must be half the width of the arch diameter (width). Select the half circle casing size by using the standard arch chart below. Make sure you select an Ultra-Flex pattern that matches the wood moulding being used on the job.

Base Moulding Purchasing and Installing

Measure the wall where you need flexible moulding, keeping in mind the flexible moulding comes in twelve foot lengths and allow for cuts and miters. Ultra-Flex Moulding will readily conform to the curvature of the wall and does not need to be preformed at the factory. Once you have cut the base to size, put a continuous bead of a good grade construction adhesive on the back of the flexible moulding, hand nail or use nail gun (see tips).

Ultimate Flex© is cellular in nature, the same as wood, and will nail without predrilling or dimpling. All products are pre-primed with an all purpose primer that will give excellent adhesion to all normal paint materials.